Harmony is a software product family from Toon Boom Animation that provides customers with professional-quality 2D animation production capabilities. Harmony 12 has been in continuous development since 2005
and has been used on productions like The Simpsons, the SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of the Water, and The Congress, among many others.

The Harmony product family includes 3 editions of Harmony, each targeted for specific users who want to create specific styles of animation. The product family also includes Harmony Server, which provides additional capabilities for teams of animators using Harmony who want to share files from a central database.

 Harmony Essentials

The introductory version of Harmony and is designed for non-professional use by hobbyists and enthusiasts who want basic capabilities to create both paperless and cut-out style animation. This edition is the gateway to Harmony and grows the base of Harmony-trained users from the bottom up

 Harmony Advanced

The professional edition of Harmony that is specifically designed for paperless style animation. That is a specific niche — most professional studios will want the flexibility of being able to work in the cut-out style. Basic cut-out capabilities are provided in Harmony Advanced but sophisticated rigging can only be accomplished in Harmony


HAR12 ALL Advanced Colour Palettes ScreenGrabs

Harmony Premium

The professional edition of Harmony that lets users animate in any style. This is the most powerful, and fully complete edition of Harmony that adds the ability to create state-of-the-art character rigs, highly organic movement and unlimited special effects. Harmony Premium provides maximum flexibility so that any animation job can be accomplished with the tools at hand. This is the recommended animation solution for most freelancers and studios.

Harmony Server

Harmony Server provides additional efficiencies for teams using Harmony who want to share production files in a central library that is located on a data server. It lets teams of Harmony users share files, and manage assets conveniently.
It also includes production controls for managing rendering jobs and coordinating batch scanning of paper drawings. Harmony Server is a separately available add-on for users of Harmony Advanced and Harmony Premium.



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