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ke-lgflagOr greetings from Kenya in English. Having spent nearly a week in Nairobi recently, I was amazed at how buoyant their TV industry is. Plenty of independent broadcasters, all investing heavily in local content, and all done with 20 year old technology.

Here we are in SA with all the latest toys and gizmos and yet the local industry is slower as broadcasters opt for international content over local. And when something local does manage to make it to air, it's invariably because it's proudly brought to you by some or other sponsor.

Not surprisingly, the state broadcaster (KBC) is lagging way behind the independent stations, but I guess that's a typical African scenario. Either way, our east African counterparts could teach us a lesson or two. (Chris Hanson)

soccer-330Okay, here this weeks poser. Everyone knows South Africans are sports mad, and the free-to-air channels are well aware of this. I bet if one of them broadcast full contact Scrabble, there would be a loyal following. But the question is; at what expense to the local production and post-production industries ?

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fcpx330Or so Cheryl Crow claimed, but it seems the Final Cut is pretty tough as well.

The release of FCP-X has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons with professional editors declaring it a giant step backwards. There's no doubt that the move by Apple will be seen by iMovie 'editors' as a quantum leap, but again, the professional industry is shaking it's collective head just as it did when Apple announced the end of X-Serve, X-San and other video related products.

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