V-Ray Comes to The Foundry's MODO, NUKE and KATANA

 V-Ray | MODO – Provides flexibility and production-proven rendering capabilities for MODO artists creating 3D content. Now in public beta.

V-Ray | NUKE - Unifies the pipeline between NUKE artists and 3D artists for unprecedented workflow improvements at all stages of production, while providing access to V-Ray's advanced ray tracing capabilities.

 V-Ray | KATANA – First used on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" by Industrial Light & Magic, the industry-leading lighting and look development package is now coupled with industry-standard rendering technology. Available upon request.



New in V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE

Render with V-Ray Standalone
Render scenes with the full power of V-Ray Standalone directly in NUKE. With the new VRayTranslator node you can access all of V-Ray's powerful rendering options - bucket, progressive, and V-Ray RT - and you can render faster using distributed rendering.

New VRayVRscene node
Import, export, and control V-Ray scene files with the new VRayVRscene node.
Render animated V-Ray scene files (.vrscene)
Preview, instance, and transform V-Ray scene files

Variance-based Adaptive Sampling
V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE adds the latest updates to the V-Ray core, matching V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya, with Variance-based Adaptive Sampling for better noise detection and cleaner renders.

Additional updates and improvements include:

VR cameras - create spherical and cubic stereo panoramas for VR Physical camera - simulate real-world cameras with controls for depth of field, motion blur, and lens distortion.

Sun & sky with Aerial perspective - simulate natural looking daylight with realistic atmospheric depth.

Proxy visibility controls – turn objects on and off within a V-Ray proxy.
Instanced proxy objects with NUKE particles – render large scenes using NUKE particles to instance V-Ray proxy objects.

Two-sided translucency - create thin translucent materials efficiently with the VRayMtl2Sided.

Layered textures - create layered textures using a variety of overlays and blend modes.
Procedural noise texture – render parametric 3D noise with the VRayTexNoise node.

Render elements & compositing
Render mask - render only selected objects for faster updates.
Velocity - create motion blur as a post effect with the improved VRayVelocity render element.

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