The Foundry products offering award-winning technology used in Design, Film, Television, Shortform and Games.


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The COLLECTIVES are collections of The Foundry’s award winning products for design and media production.
The open, future-proof workflow of the Foundry products found in the COLLECTIVES will increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration opportunities for creative professionals.


The Production COLLECTIVE includes MODO, MARI, NUKEX, and HIERO offering digital 3D modeling, animation, paint, effects, playback, editorial, and shot management in a single license. Artists working across multiple disciplines completing end-to-end work will benefit from the complete toolset included in the Production COLLECTIVE. Our customers are using The Foundry products included in the Production COLLECTIVE across industries including design, short form, film, tv, and games.


The Creation COLLECTIVE is a collection of products for creative professionals creating content for design, advertising, short form, and games with unparalleled community support. MODO, MARI, and HIEROPLAYER offer digital 3D visualization, modeling, animation, paint, playback, and integration in a single Creation COLLECTIVE license. Designers and artists creating content for world class still or moving images will find the strongest toolset available in a Creation COLLECTIVE.

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NUKE is a widely used and powerful compositing tool with a huge range of features designed to make you as efficient as possible. 

An award-winning compositor, NUKE provides state-of-the-art tools designed to streamline day-to-day workflow and ensure highest quality results fast. Get the visual result you want while retaining the power and flexibility to solve any production challenge

NUKEX combines the core functionality of NUKE with an ‘out of the box’ toolkit of exclusive functionality, removing the need to roundtrip to other applications. NUKEX has it all built right in including a camera tracker, model builder, particle system and much more..


NUKE STUDIO is a powerful node-based VFX, editorial and finishing studio designed to empower creative individuals working independently as well as collaborative teams working on quick-turnaround projects in a way that’s previously never been possible.


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The Foundry’s cutting-edge 3D paint tool, MARI gives you a fluid and flexible way to paint directly onto 3D models - meaning more time spent painting and less time managing technical issues.

Supported by the world’s most advanced layering system, MARI is capable of handling high-resolution textures and millions of polygons without ever compromising on speed or efficiency. It also provides a fully customisable user interface that lets you work just the way you want.

-Paint quickly and intuitively in 3D with a state-of-the-art range of 3D paint tools
-Work faster and more creatively thanks to MARI’s capability to handle super-high resolution textures and millions of polygons without compromising on speed  
-Stay in control with a powerful layer-based workflow that comes complete with adjustments, procedurals and advanced masking
-Integrate MARI seamlessly into your pipeline with industry-standard Python scripting, C API and OpenColor IO color management

 OCULA is a unique collection of 14 workflow plug-in tools for NUKE designed to tackle common problems with stereoscopic imagery. Helping to take the headache out of stereo post-production, OCULA can be relied upon to boost productivity and ultimately deliver a more rewarding 3D viewing experience.

• Polish and refine your stereoscopic material with tools that automatically replicate key processes on left and right channels, making it easy to copy rotos and paint strokes from one eye to the other
• Enjoy greater creative flexibility and accuracy with pixel-level control over images and the ability to generate per-view depth maps
• Fix common stereoscopic problems such as vertical alignment, localised colour density differences and focus mismatches, and reduce interaxial separation
• Create consistent views when retiming stereo footage
• Conduct quality control quickly and easily with tools that let you review corrections and QC changes in disparity

HIERO gives you an all-in-one shot management, conform, edit and review solution that makes it simple to move offline to online, organise projects and stay on top of review and versioning at every stage.

With handy automated functionality that cuts out complex manual processes, HIERO integrates seamlessly with NUKE and other production tools to ensure the smooth delivery of collaborative end-to-end projects.

• Makes collaborative working easy by removing complicated, error-prone manual processes, taking the pain out of tracking and shot management and allowing the import of media from a wide range of formats, while saving on valuable disk space
• Speeds up turnaround and safeguards quality through the efficient round-tripping of shots to VFX using the template-based export system and the delivery of EDLs, XMLs, selects and timeline bakes for later work or delivery
• Lets you take control of projects from one central point, with a dedicated toolkit for versioning and review, plus familiar editing tools accessible directly on the timeline
• Reduces the high costs associated with traditional workflows by freeing up finishing systems for more effective use, cutting in-house infrastructure costs and enabling full pipeline integration through Python scripting
• Integrates deeply into your pipeline with Python scripting to enhance workflow and integrate even more closely with NUKE


An advanced framework for VFX lighting, KATANA delivers an asset-based approach to look development and lighting that gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today's most demanding CG projects.

KATANA's node-based approach allows for rapid turnaround of high complexity shots, while keeping you in control and reducing in-house development overheads. Extensive APIs also mean that it integrates effortlessly with a variety of renderers and your pre-existing shader libraries and workflow tools, letting you work the way you want with a familiar toolset.

• Bring scalability to your pipeline with deferred processing that allows for the handling of extremely high scene complexity
• Avoid the need for lots of shot-specific asset variants by creating re-usable 'recipes' for the look development of an asset or the lighting of a shot
• Share lighting set-ups like edits and overrides between different shots and sequences
• Construct custom pipelines for 3D scenes as easily as a compositing script with KATANA's natural node-based approach
• Add any renderer as a plug-in, whether custom or supported

FLIX is a web-based visual story development tool for feature animation, designed specifically around speed and collaboration.

By using FLIX, producers, directors and story artists collaborate with art, editorial and production in one easy to access place, delivering faster story turnarounds and achieving shared involvement in the development of a film or project, earlier in the process.

• Designed specifically for the story process, FLIX is full of features that allow artists to find better and faster ways to draw and share storyboard panels.
• Save time and money on production and make the creative process more open by bringing editorial, pre-viz and even lighting into the creative process much earlier on.
• Posting panels to editorial is automatic and instantaneous. Easily play back panels in the correct order with the latest timing information and audio track and pitch the story reel immediately, to anyone anywhere with web browser access.
• Remove arduous non-creative tasks like naming and file management from the list of things a story artist needs to think about.
• Editing panels is easy. Simply double click on the panel and it's opened in Adobe® Photoshop®, Maya®, MODO or a host of other 2D and 3D creative applications. Then save back to FLIX and instantly see your new version in context.
• Take the technical complexities of trying to remain organised. Never lose a version of a project. Everything is stored and can found whenever you want to go back over the project history.
• Share ideas, collaborate and iterate together with everyone on the project, remotely from anywhere in the world.
• Single click editing makes updating panels with 2D and 3D content a breeze with tight integration between FLIX, Adobe® Photoshop®, Maya®, MODO and a host of creative applications.
• Innovative time saving features help artists get a headstart. Panels can also contain 3D camera and other metadata that will always be stored and travel with the panel. 


Virtual reality plug-in toolset for NUKE

CARA VR™—the much-anticipated new plug-in toolset for the NUKE® family of compositing, editorial and finishing products—helps you to create incredible live-action virtual reality content.

With a specialised toolset that includes headset review, CARA VR dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences.

Available as floating or nodelocked.
Render licenses also available.
NUKE 9.0v9 (Available before CARA VR release) and NUKE 10


  • Seamless stitching of mono or stereo VR content - With an advanced stitching toolset based on stereo disparity technology from OCULA®, CARA VR offers presets for many popular camera rigs and is easily configured for custom rigs.
  • Automatic stitch clean-up and correction - CARA VR automatically corrects for exposure and white balance differences between cameras, and stabilizes moving camera shots for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Powerful streamlined VR compositing workflows - CARA VR makes it easy for artists to use NUKE’s full suite of compositing tools on 360° footage for clean-up, set extensions, 3D element insertion and more.
  • Headset review inside NUKE - With CARA VR’s support for popular VR headsets, you can review directly from NUKE’s viewer or NUKE STUDIO’s timeline, eliminating the need to export to a separate application.
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